Advertising banners,promotional articles publication in Gulf region

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Want to see your company name in a prestigious online business magazine and be a step ahead of your competitors?
Gulf Business Expert gives you a unique opportunity to choose ads spaces on the main pages. Advertising in our magazine gives you the status and wide coverage of the target business audience.

Gulfbusinessexpert is the English language digital platform of business and economy News in the Middle East. It delivers a monthly engaged audience of over 25,000 unique visitors and more than 53,000 page views.
The core brand promise is to deliver the news that matters, when it matters, and to provide context to the big stories that are shaping the region and the world. is dedicated to keeping users informed and up to date in the worlds of national news, politics, business, economy and stock news.
More than that, however, it helps readers plan their evenings, weekends and their day-to-day lives with an up to date calendar of events.
Through data analysis and insight we gain a wealth of demographic and customer behavior data that allows us to shape and present our content in an increasingly targeted and personalized way.
In turn this user insight and knowledge presents advertisers with a sophisticated level of campaign and audience targeting which in turn delivers a far greater level of campaign effectiveness and ROI.
With specific sections for the UAE, Gulf, Middle East and North Africa, Asia, North America and Europe a journey across each day feels like traversing the globe; while within the UAE channel our reporters cover everything from education to courts, from crime to the environment.

We propose the following ad spaces on our website:
2 SIDEBAR BANNERS – 300x250px – every page, mobile supported
= 1 banner 1000AED(270$) per month.

Gulf Business Expert gg Advertising banners,promotional articles publication in Gulf region

LEADERBOARD BANNER Ad Size: 728×90 – heads, middle of the page, main page only= 1200AED(325$) per month

Gulf Business Expert advertising-banners-uae Advertising banners,promotional articles publication in Gulf region
We propose another advertise opportunity: promotional articles publication. The article size is 400-500 words. The cost of one article is 1000AED(270$).

In case you use both banner an article the cost of the package will be 2000AED(540$).

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