5G technology in UAE is already a reality


New telecommunication technologies continue to develop in Dubai.

Since early 2018, mobile operators in the UAE will begin deploying 5G networks. Thus, the UAE will become one of the first countries where the 5G system will operate.
The first provider, which officially confirmed the information, is Etisalat.

Already in October 2017, UAE Etisalat announced a practical test of the communication standard 5G, which will be deployed in the UAE by 2020. The connection speed reached 71 Gb/s, becoming the highest in the world.

Telecom operator said that the last test guarantees its innovative position as the first player in the region to prepare next-generation networks for its customers.

Al Zarooni, senior vice president of the mobile network, noted that the telecommunications sector’s investments in the future will play a key role in ensuring growth and innovation in the country and will lay the foundation for the development of the “smart” city.

It will facilitate handling big data transfer between machines, M2M, and IoT, as well as expanding the speed and capacity of multiple folds of Gigabits per second, providing new services that meet the requirements of the digital transformation and smart government.

Adding 5G technology and the network will provide opportunities for economic growth, education, healthcare, transportation.

So, the concept of 5G allows not only people to be connected with each other by high-speed connection, but also cars, city infrastructure, public safety and much more.
It is assumed that 5G by 2020 will be able to cover a third of the world’s population.