What is it, an Establishment Card


After obtaining a license for the company, the owner or manager of the company must apply for an immigration card (Establishment Card).

The application is submitted through the management of the free economic zone to the immigration service of the corresponding emirate. In turn, the immigration service opens a file on the company and issues this card. Without its presence, the company can not hire employees and obtain resident visas for them. This card must be renewed on an annual basis, otherwise penalties are imposed. Establishment Card also in some free economic zones is called Company Immigration Card (CIC).

This document is a plastic card (the same size as a bank card), which contains information about your company: the name of the company, the card number and its validity.

The immigration card of the company is issued by the immigration authority of the emirate, in which the company is registered. It should be noted that this document is issued not by the registration authority, but by the immigration authority. Be ready to wait for an immigration card to be processed for 8-12 days and plan your next steps with this in mind.

If you have a company in free zone, an application for an immigration card is often sent automatically as soon as your company is registered, or you need to produce certain documents to the administration of the free zone to apply to the immigration service.

If you registered your company as a local company, you will need to visit the immigration service.

Registration of the company’s immigration card is always carried out on a paid basis. The company’s immigration card in free zone can cost from 650 to 1,500 dirhams a year. Local companies in Dubai, for example, have to pay 4,940 dirhams. In free zones immigration cards are usually issued for 1 year, and immigration cards for local companies are valid for 3 years.

Why do you need this card?

You will not be able to issue a resident visa either for yourself or for your employees without the company’s immigration card. That’s why you need to attach a copy of this card to the general package of documents for visa issuance.

Once the card is ready, you either get its original, as it often happens in the free zone of Dubai, or get its electronic copy to your registered email. If you received the original card, be careful and try not to lose it, otherwise you will have to restore it and pay for the restoration.

In addition, you need to keep under control the issue of timely extension of the immigration card of the company.