A new service UberHire for business people.


The company Uber launches in the Emirates a new service UberHire.

In the Uber application, a new service will be added, aimed at the UAE business community.

UberHire is a new option which provides an opportunity to book a car with a driver. Unlike standard Uber service in UberHire, payment is calculated for time, not for kilometer. This option will be useful to business people visiting Dubai for business purposes. Now they can book a car for a period of 3 to 8 hours and have time to hold a large number of meetings.

The minimum fare in UberHire is 300 dirhams for the first 3 hours. Then a fee of 1.67 dirhams for every minute is charged to guest. The maximum time for booking a driver is 8 hours.

Dubai became the first city in the Middle East, where you can use this services. Representatives of Uber state that Dubai is the business center of the Middle East region.

“Our technologies allow to create special solutions to ensure that our customers can receive high quality transport services at reasonable prices,” declared Chris Free, Managing Director of Uber in the UAE.

“UberHire is a product that meets transport needs of businessmen in Dubai, giving them the opportunity to book Uber and use the services of a personal driver up to 8 hours. We are confident that our service will turn the notion of business transportation into the UAE. ”

“We guarantee safety from landing to destination. We strive to ensure your safety before, during and after every trip. Therefore, we are continuously developing technology, which day by day helps to increase the safety of millions of trips and makes the trips convenient.”

Uber is an application that helps drivers and passengers find each other in a few minutes. You can quickly and reliably move around the city at any time of the day, no more parking, waiting for a taxi or a bus. With Uber, you can book a trip with one touch and pay with a bank card or cash in the specified cities.