Abu Dhabi’s DED conducts inspections, impounds fake goods


DED aims to fortify its hold on the market, by its series of projects and initiatives.

The Business Centre of Abu Dhabi’s Department of Economic Development, DED, oversaw 44,938 field inspections in the city’s Emirate to tackle commercial fraud and its gloom-ridden consequences in trade activities across Al Dhafra, Al Ain and Abu Dhabi itself, during the last four months of this year.


The DED’s Acting Under-Secretary, Khalifa bin Salem Al Mansouri, stressed on the Department’s firmness at eradicating all gloomy practices that contribute to the degradation of the optimum business atmosphere in the emirate.


Al Mansouri commended the monumental responsibilities played by the private sector, semi-governmental and non-governmental organizations in the achievement of the DED’s goals aimed at creating a healthy business atmosphere in the emirate.


He additionally registered the DED’s intention of future collaborations with its partners across the emirate, to execute series of projects and initiatives pertaining to commercial protection. He added that the DED aims to provide commercial protection services through smartphone apps, combat the licensing of fake drugs, rebuild its hold on the market and regulate the organization of retail grocery sector.


The third quarter report of the commercial protection activities of the Emirate, recorded a huge count of 12,056 fake impounded items, including food items and car spare-parts during inspection and control occupations done across Al Dhafra, Al Ain and Abu Dhabi.


A total of 44,938 field inspections, with 23,720 in Abu Dhabi, 17,533 in Al Ain and Al Dhafra, were conducted by the Commercial Protection Department during this period.


More so, 731 series of complaints pertaining to the violation of regulations and guidelines governing economic activities in the Emirate by commercial activities owners, were lodged. 500 of them from Abu Dhabi, 233 and 8 from Al Ain and Al Dhafra.


According to this report, 2,258 violators have been issued tickets, 1,197 of them from Abu Dhabi, 942 and 119 from Al Ain and Al Dhafra respectively.

Owing to violation of the commercial activities practice, as per the Department Establishment Law No. 02 of 2009 and Decision No. 25 on the organization of economic activities and the issuance of trade licenses, the DED closed 34 commercial centres.


From veterinary medicine and massage centres, to vehicle spare part shops and refreshment cafes, 33 were closed in Abu Dhabi and 1 in Al Ain.