Artificial intelligence greets you


The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the UAE plans to replace all people in the airport immigration service by artificial intelligence systems by 2020.

“We started by scanning the iris and recognizing faces, and in the end, we do not need immigration officers at all,” Major General Ahmed Al Raisi said.

Plans to abandon the participation of employees follow the launch of the so-called “smart” tunnel at Dubai Airport at the Gitex Technology Week event, which took place in October. The system uses face recognition technology to determine the identity of passengers without human intervention. At the International Airport of Dubai, there are already “smart” exits, requiring only the passport of a passenger or Emirates ID.

Al Raisi said that the main task in the implementation of new technologies will be to ensure that employees are properly trained in their use. He notes that these ministries in combination with artificial intelligence technologies will allow using information about citizens, residents and visitors to ensure the country’s security.

As it was mentioned earlier, all surveillance cameras of various government agencies in Dubai will now be linked to the central command center. They form a new network of artificial intelligence and will broadcast images in real time. The cameras will monitor crimes in three sectors: tourism, transport and retail. They will support face recognition technology.

The UAE Minister for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Omar bin Sultan Al Olama announced that the UAE will focus on the adoption of AI in the three leading sectors, including natural resources, tourism and logistics. He said that the UAE will become world leader in this field thanks to rapidly developing technologies.

“In the future, I think, AI will be the most important technology that people have ever created. This is important today, but the potential will be fully disclosed in the near future, “said Al Olama, the first AI minister in the world.