Dubai as an international business hub


The official Dubai congress-bureau, Dubai Business Events (DBE), won in 2017 the right to hold 212 events, which was a record indicator for the entire history of Dubai.

In 2017, Dubai submitted 354 applications for various events. The number of applications and proposals approved in 2017 was 64% higher than the result of 2016, when it was granted the right to conduct 129 events. This indicates Dubai’s growing popularity as a venue for world-class business events.

The exponential growth in the number of approved applications in 2017 reflects the rapid development of Dubai as one of the world’s leading business centers. Getting the right to conduct more business events in 2017 became possible due to the stable development of the city and its formation as one of the best venues for business meetings.

Holding international and regional business events in the city not only attracts more guests to Dubai, but also plays an important role in the development of economy.

In 2017, Forever Living, a US-based company, chose Dubai for its promotional tour and invited 12,000 employees from more than 100 countries to the city. The project became the largest event of its kind in the history of the emirate.

In the same year, implementing strategic goals and striving to ensure sustainable growth of the city in the long term, the congress-bureau together with partners in the framework of the Dubai Association Center initiative held the first conference of regional and international professional associations Dubai Association Conference. The event, which took place over two days in December, provided a unique platform for the development of associations in Dubai and the Middle East.

Dubai confirms every year its position as a venue for business meetings and an exchange of experience. The strategy of Dubai’s government echoes the task of attracting 20 million tourists annually by 2020, having the goal of taking advantage of this stream of guests to further strengthen the reputation of the city.

We remind that also in 2017 Dubai entered to the top 10 places on the planet, most suitable for holding international meetings.

Dubai is the only city in the Middle East and Africa to hit the top, which once again emphasizes the status of the region in the context of international meetings and conferences and reflects the huge growth that the city has experienced over the past five years.

The rating once again clearly indicates that Dubai is now not only a regional leader in this sector, but also the main center for conducting business events in the international arena.