Dubai is in the TOP 7 for investments in the WORLD


DUBAI is in the TOP 7 of the most attractive cities for investments in the world

In 2016, Dubai attracted 25.5 billion dirhams in the form of foreign direct investment, which made it the 7th city in the world in this subject. This became known from the report of the Government of Dubai.

The number of active companies in Dubai increased to 148,842 in 2017, with almost 20000 new trade licenses issued.

Dubai continues to be a vivid example of what the city can achieve, thanks to its economic strategy and attracting foreign investment. Under leadership of strong leaders, the private and public sectors worked closely together to obtain greater benefits from investments in main industries: trade, including retail, tourism and real estate. These areas remain attractive to great capital, which helps create jobs and opportunities for business development.

The closer the Annual Investment Forum is (April 9-11, 2018 in Dubai), the more politicians and foreign investors pay attention to Dubai’s business model, which can become an example for the economies of other countries. Dubai inspires others of attracting large volumes of foreign investment. The government of Dubai expects that the economy of the emirate, amounting to 376.8 billion dirhams, will grow by 3.5% in 2018 due to several complex factors.

It is worth mentioning that Dubai is at the TOP of the most attractive places for real estate investments. Investing in the real estate market of Dubai for a number of reasons is a promising and attractive way to preserve and increase the accumulated capital.

Investing in real estate, especially abroad, involves not simply placing money in a certain narrow market, but also as a whole using the potential of the economic system of the whole state. This means that the assessment of the economic state of the selected region should become the fundamental stage in the process of making a decision about investing. At the same time, one should take into account not only the current situation, but also the previous market dynamics, as well as the predicted change in its behavior.

One of the indisputable advantages that determine the interest of investors in the Dubai real estate market is the steady growth rate of the emirate’s economy. Dubai is known for implementing innovative and progressive solutions aimed, in particular, at diversifying the economy.

The emirate offers attractive conditions for businessmen, workers, office employees and other expatriate groups to build a career and develop their own business. This, in turn, creates a stable demand for a variety of real estate properties in the emirate: not only residential and commercial premises, but also hotels and other types of hotel real estate. Market analysts note a growing interest in hotel-type apartments – this is an option for temporary accommodation for people coming to the emirate for a short period of time (for example, for participation in industry exhibitions and conferences), which is optimal in terms of price and quality of services provided. That is why the purchase of apartments is becoming an increasingly popular area for the placement of investment capital.

Dubai Emirate is the most attractive place for investment in real estate. This is confirmed by the results of a recent research.

Thanks to the research, the emirate of Dubai once again confirmed its status of the most reliable city for investment in real estate, the situation on the market became clear and the requirements and expectations of buyers became transparent.