Electric Vehicle Road Trip and more about Electric vehicles in UAE


The Electric Vehicle Road Trip (EVRT) will be hold in January. It will take nine days for a 1,217km. across the UAE and Oman, without using petrol.

The all-electric powered vehicles will drive through the deserts of Abu Dhabi, the mountains of Oman and along the rugged coastline of the Northern Emirates. The start is in Abu Dhabi on January 18th.

The cars will reach the finish line and final destination, at The Sustainable City in Dubai on January 26th, just in time to join in a special family fun day celebrating the road trip and all things sustainable. The public will be given an opportunity to know necessary things about electric cars through test drives, workshops and exhibitors.

Ben Pullen, Managing Director of Global EVRT noted that the Electric Vehicle market has developed greately this year in the UAE. And they want to show that Electric cars are not only good for the environment, but they are “real options for car customers, with innovative gadgets and technology to excite and impress”.

It should be marked that several steps for coming to electric vehicles have been done by the government of the UAE and some corporations for the latest years.

The company Uber in partnership with Dubai Taxi Corporation announced an exclusive offer for electric vehicles in the UAE in October 2017.
Uber added 50 new Tesla premium cars, available for ordering in Dubai via the application.
UberONE option is available for users in the Uber application, to make an order. It was done to help Dubai support the initiative of the “Green Economy”.

Electric vehicles are designed to reduce air pollution and noise. The introduction of a fleet of electric vehicles into the Uber application also put the basis for a long-term, technological solution, to which the “smart” cities of the future seek.

In Dubai, automobile charging stations have been built. There are three types of such stations. It is a fast charging station that takes 25-40 minutes of time, a medium charging station, which takes about two hours and a full-charge station, which in some cases can last up to 8 hours. It all depends on the brand of a car and a model. On each station there are special automatic machines, with the help of which the whole procedure of charging a car is made.

The first charging station appeared in the United Arab Emirates in 2012, it was established in Abu Dhabi as a pilot project. The first charging station in the UAE capital appeared near the main office of the municipal enterprise of the megapolis.