GITEX Technology Week 2018


GITEX Technology Week (14.10.2018 – 18.10.2018, Dubai) is the most important world’s event in the field of technology. The event brings together the most innovative, exciting and ambitious start-ups in the field of technology for demonstrating world-changing novelties to potential investors from different countries. GITEX serves as a platform for speeches of great professionals and presentations of novelties from all corners of the earth.

Gulf Information Technology Exhibition – the largest and authoritative exhibition of the latest advances in information and communication technologies (ICT) and electronics – has been held since 1981.

In 2011, the exhibition area of GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK was 65,000 square meters. The exhibition attracted 3523 participants from 65 countries, 136,114 trade visitors from 139 countries were registered.

And already in 2015 GITEX Technology Week confirmed its title of one of the world’s largest ICT events, bringing together 80% of the world’s leading ICT brands and over 146300 ICT professionals from 144 countries and 4,200 international exhibitors.

Within the GITEX Technology Week, special events are held:

GITEX Business Solutions is, by international recognition, the largest and most influential business event in the IT trade of corporations, as well as medium and small enterprises in the markets of the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

GITEX Network and Security segment demonstrates a wide range of security tools for corporate networks, business processes and information banks
(biometric technologies, antiviruses, software and hardware protection).

GITEX Mobile Apps World – all about extremely popular and profitable to date mobile applications (mobile phones, mobile service providers, operating
system developers, mobile games, online information providers and many others).

GULFCOMMS, being a large and extremely important platform for business, is focused exclusively on the telecommunications sector. A wide exposure GULFCOMMS offers the latest data transmission networks, mobile communications and applications, next-generation networks, IP-technologies, satellite communications.

GITEX e-Government – this sector is dedicated to technologies designed to make communication between the government and the people more rapid, close and modern. Here the focus is on the latest online solutions.

The Consumer Electronics section. Here you can find the world brands offering the most modern multifunctional electronic novelties that will appear on store shelves much later.

GITEX is well-known not only in the Middle East, it attracts international attention due to the participation of IT professionals from all over the world.

The international conference in the framework of GITEX Technology Week will discuss issues of closer cooperation between various organizations on computer and information security issues, as well as the need for modern solutions for computer networks.