Increase of tourism in the UAE


The UAE is a place many people from all around the world are eager to visit. And the amount of tourists here is growing with every year. Despite the unstable situation at the markets across the globe, the UAE’s travel and tourism sector saved its stability in 2017.

There is a variety of interesting places in the UAE which allow tourists to do a lot of things, from the iconic skylines of Dubai, to popular landmarks in Abu Dhabi and the world-famous beach resorts in Ras Al Khaimah. Visitors are also eager to explore the country’s Bedouin past on starry desert nights in Sharjah, and visit the many historical forts dotted across the nation.

2016-2017 are the years of the opening of several mega theme parks and the realization of other projects. The opening of the Etihad Museum in Dubai early in the year ensured that 2017 was off to a great start, and the long-awaited opening of Louvre Abu Dhabi most recently also put the country on the map for international visitors. People from America, Europe, India, China, Oman, Saudi Arabia are coming to see the UAE.

Why people prefer the UAE?

The UAE is valued by a high level of service, amazing sandy beaches, a long season, profitable shopping and numerous entertainments. The highest level of service is the main feature of the UAE. Here they know how to deal with tourists. Nobody will ask for a tip cause they risk to deal with law of begging. Most of the employees came from abroad. If they lose their jobs and do not find another in a short period, they are deported from the country. Service is of a high quality at any hotel. But it is a special luxury to live in a five-star hotel.

The UAE is also called a paradise for gourmets. The restaurants represent the cuisine of different nations of the world.

At excursions tourists are shown historical sights, the famous musical fountain of the capital. You can watch camel races or dive – underwater beauty will charm. A fun holiday should be diversified by visiting a nightclub or a restaurant with an entertainment program. For children, amusement parks are open.
Glenn Nobbs, general manager of Copthorne Hotel Dubai, noted that at 2017 the amount of international guests of Dubai had risen by 7.5 per cent from the same period in 2016.

Another interesting feature has been the return of certain traditional source markets such as Russia, which witnessed a 95 per cent growth in arrivals to Dubai compared to 2016.

From January to November, 2017 more than 4 million tourists visited the UAE.