Innovative technologies of the Smart City Dubai.


“Smart city” is usually called a city, in which the needs of citizens are provided quickly and efficiently.

This applies to health, education, transport, the environment, government services and in general everything that surrounds an ordinary citizen every day.

The authorities of the Emirate are constantly working on improving, updating and expanding the range of intelligent urban services.

Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai (RTA) is expanding the geography of the Smart Pedestrian Signals project.

After successful tests on Al Saadah Street there will be “smart” pedestrian traffic lights in 15 new places.

“Smart” pedestrian traffic lights were installed in several crowded areas of Dubai, including Al Mankhoul, Baniyas, Al Muraqqabat, 2nd of December Street, Al Maktoum, Al Rigga and Sheikh Khalifa Streets.

Traffic lights are also represented in the districts of Al Barsha and City Walk.

Smart Pedestrian Signals technology is controlled by a system based on sensors connected to a ground-based optical system synchronized with the traffic signal switching. This system allows pedestrians to cross the road safely, without interfering with the movement of vehicles.

This technology should improve the safety of pedestrians, needed more time for transportation than usual: the elderly, people with special needs and people with luggage or strollers. Pedestrian mode will not be turned on if pedestrians are not found on the sidewalk.

Smart City Dubai.

To date, there is an active introduction of innovative technologies that can significantly improve the standard of living of citizens. The main project is based on the latest technologies providing the high-speed remote access to the Internet.

A smart city in Dubai will provide residents with the opportunity to receive a full range of public services remotely using a mobile communicator or smartphone. Access to government and public network resources will be open 24 hours a day at any time of the year.

Over the past ten years, the e-government project has been successfully implemented, which was created to ensure effective interaction of the country’s population with numerous state institutions and departments.

The Dubai Smart City project provides city residents with the necessary and relevant information. As part of the project, users will be provided with information about various services in the city, taxis, medicine, tourism, education and much more.

In addition, within the framework of the Dubai Smart City project, an intelligent taxi program has been implemented.

Dubai is actively developing blockchain, and the government is appointing experimental projects for its implementation in 2018. Their goal is to make Dubai the most developed and happy city in the world with the help of the latest digital technologies. By 2020, all government structures that use blockchain technology will enter the Smart Dubai project.

The blockchain strategy in Dubai is based on three principles:

effectiveness of government,
development of industries,
international leadership.

This innovative approach will help make people happy and turn Dubai into a role model for future smart city projects around the world.