Medical services at discounted prices


The government of Dubai has established a special fund to help the poorest people.

The Health Authority of Dubai (DHA), together with six private companies, will offer medical services at discounted prices.

The government of Dubai extended a helping hand to the poorest sections of the population in the framework of the new program of the Dubai Health Authority dedicated to the year of Zayed in the UAE.

Together with six private companies in Dubai, DHA established a fund of 30 million dirhams (about $ 8 million), from which medical services for the poor will be financed.

The project was called Ataa ‘wa Saa’da (Give for the benefit), it is aimed at helping patients with disabilities, as well as helping those people who have faced financial, psychological and social difficulties in life.

The project is aimed at strengthening cooperation of the Health Department with private enterprises. This initiative gives an opportunity to provide humanitarian assistance to all those in need within the framework of the celebration of the year of Zayed in the country.

The names of six private companies involved in the implementation of this project have not been announced yet. It is projected that this fund will operate annually attracting more companies to participate in it with every year, thus providing more opportunities for medical care.

“We held a number of meetings with business representatives interested in the development of the project,” said Dr. Marwan Al Mulla, director of one of the departments in the Office.

The Humanitarian Aid Department in DHA will also play a significant role in achieving the goals of this project.

DHA has always encouraged various volunteer movements, for example, the Day for Dubai movement, which is dedicated to helping elderly and disabled people.

There was signed a project according to which every resident should participate in the volunteer program at least once a year.

From January 25 to the end of 2018, the “Day in Hatta” program will operate, within the framework of which activities aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle will be conducted.

Another DHA project is the “Guests of the Community”, which goal is to help the elderly people. The start of this project is aimed at February 1.

These projects are a great opportunity to awaken the spirit of volunteering in the hearts of UAE citizens, and also to remind everyone how important it is to help others.

2018 is called the year of Zayed in UAE. The ruler devoted himself to the well-being of the nation, laid the foundations of love for the Motherland and the principles of self-sacrifice, tolerance and charity.