More innovation in the UAE!


The United Arab Emirates is known all around the world as a constantly developing and perfecting country. New technologies and innovations are used in many UAE companies.

In accordance with a research made among the working people, it became clear that most employees are sure the UAE companies to be more and more innovative with every year and have a lot of potential for further development.

If compare the UAE several years ago and now, almost all people would say that the country is more innovative nowadays. Most people are sure that such innovation is a good sign for national competitiveness.

But more than 50% of managers consider innovations to be an obligation only of senior executives. Most of common workers  have the same opinion, showed the study made by YouGov.

But nevertheless, the most UAE staff are sure that innovation is  ‘finding better ways to do anything’, and not just revolutionary inventions.

Abdulla Kalban, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at EGA stated that only involving every employee in constant  development made a good basis of EGA global competitiveness for so many years.  He noted  that only with the help of a great amount of proposals from his workers, they have made EGA into one of the world’s biggest ‘premium aluminium’ producers and a national industrial champion.

‘UAE Vision 2021’ invokes for the formation of  economy based on deep knowledge, which would become highly-productive and competitive.

He also called for the UAE companies “to unlock the innovation potential of all their employees. That way, millions of minds will drive the UAE’s global competitiveness and the creation of a knowledge-based economy.”