Smart protection service. What is it?


Dubai has launched a smart protection service for consumers.

This innovative service was announced in the framework of the International Exhibition of State Achievements, held in Dubai.

The launch of the service is one of the steps to introduce artificial intelligence technology to ensure the high quality of public services and to improve the UAE’s position in the world ranking of countries.

The Department of Economic Development became the first state institution to launch a service based on artificial intelligence to protect consumer rights and work with complaints.

This is the first such type of service in the world that operates on the basis of artificial intelligence, which allows to respond quickly and effectively to customer requests and complaints. This service involves establishing a direct dialogue with consumers to understand the essence of their requests and complaints, processing collected information, analyzing data and providing an instant response to consumer complaints based on existing regulations and laws.

Representatives of the Center for Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection informed large business associations and companies operating in Dubai about the possibilities of service, and also encouraged them to cooperate to increase transparency in relations with consumers.

State structures in Dubai and the UAE as a whole have achieved high results in using the latest technologies and artificial intelligence to provide services to companies, guests and residents. At the same time, these services meet the highest international standards in the field of quality and efficiency.

A new service accepts requests and complaints 24 hours a day, and the way of working with them causes consumer confidence. The service asks questions for collecting information and the consumer receives an official letter within a few minutes describing the details of the complaint, as well as the instructions of the Center on issues of Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection for the seller. It outlines steps to resolve the current situation in accordance with the requirements and principles of the Department of Economic Development. The consumer can address this letter to the seller or representative of the company with which the controversial situation arose.

The company or seller must take measures within 7 days from the receipt of this official letter. If he does not fulfill the requirements or does not respond to the consumer, the consumer can notify the smart service about this. In turn, the Center for Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection will take certain measures against the seller, including a fine.

According to the heads of the Department of Economic Development, their goal is to regulate the relationship between the seller and the consumer, improve the quality of communication with consumers, increase their awareness of their rights and responsibilities, and to enable them to make smart decisions.