The guests from China. Welcome!


The number of tourists to the UAE from all over the world increases with every year more and more. And the tourists from such country as China are among them at one of the main places.
According to the report of the Colliers Int., the increase by another 500000 people visiting the UAE from China is expected by 2021.

Compared to 2016, the growth will be 20%. In 2016, 520,000 Chinese tourists visited Dubai, which is 22% higher than in previous year.

According to the Colliers report published in conjunction with the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) exhibition, the development of China’s outbound tourism will have a positive impact on all the countries of the Persian Gulf: by 2021 the region will receive an additional 2.5 million guests.

Today, the GCC countries attract 1.9% of the total outbound tourist from China, while in 2012 this figure was 1.3%. The trend will continue in the near future, as well. In 2018 the number of Chinese citizens planning to travel abroad is 154 million, and in 2022 this number will reach 244 million people.

Simon Press, director of the ATM exhibition, commented the situation: “The Chinese market is a source of many travelers eager for adventure. And the countries of the Persian Gulf are very popular. Due to wide business opportunities and a new generation of tourist interest objects, the Persian Gulf countries have opportunity to take advantage of this trend in the coming years, as many Chinese tourists will go abroad for the first time”.

“The increase in the number of guests from China in recent years has affected the mood of the ATM exhibition participants. Such a large number of business organizations has never sought before to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Chinese directing market. ”

The industry’s participants are trying to establish ties with China by broadcasting Chinese TV channels, translating the menu into Chinese, hiring employees from this country, etc.

In 2016, the airline Emirates Airline added regular flights to Yinchuan and Zhengzhou to its routes in China (to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou).

The Jumeirah Group intends to expand its business in China by localizing its activities. It should be noted, that the Jumeirah Group has opened the first hotel in Shanghai in 2011, and it has plans to open its hotels in other cities of China in order to enhance its prestige among Chinese tourists.

So, the United Arab Emirates has already become one of the most popular tourist destinations for Chinese visitors. The relevant department of the UAE pays special attention to the creation of new tourist programs to attract guests from China as Chinese tourism market has a huge development potential.