The tax assistance campaign is launched in the UAE


The Federal Tax Authority announced the launch of a new campaign as part of its work to build a direct systematic interaction with enterprises. The tax assistance campaign “Tax Clinic” is aimed at increasing the number of enterprises registered as taxpayers and increasing the level of compliance with tax requirements related to the timely filing of tax returns and the payment of taxes.

As part of the new initiative, experts will be able to answer questions from business representatives and provide them with all the necessary information on the tax system. In this case, entrepreneurs will not need to visit the headquarters of the tax service, the experts themselves will come to them.

The campaign has been started on August 12, 2018. Its implementation began in Ras Al Khaimah, then Fujairah will join it, and within 3 months all other emirates will get help from tax experts. As part of this campaign, tax authorities will respond to taxpayer requests for registration with the Federal Tax Authority and other tax liabilities.

The campaign will help the tax service get closer to the business community.

The specialists of the Federal Tax Authority who participate in the Tax Clinic will help representatives of companies understand the disputable issues related to the payment of taxes, answer their questions and tell them how to overcome the difficulties they may face. Representatives of companies will also be able to get a step-by-step guide on how to register for VAT, how to fill out and file a tax return, how to pay taxes. They will also inform the representatives of companies about how to avoid the most common mistakes and technical difficulties associated with fulfilling tax obligations.

Experts will also distribute educational and information materials prepared by their service, which explain all the systems and procedures, as well as answers to the most popular questions.

The Director General of the Federal Tax Authority noted that their service has always sought to build interaction with taxpayer companies in any available ways. So, a new innovative campaign “Tax Clinic” was developed, aimed at raising awareness of the tax system in all business sectors, and especially among owners of small and medium-sized enterprises.