The UAE renews flights over Iraq


Emirates and Flydubai renew some flights over Iraq

Dubai International Airport has the status of the busiest airport in the world. According to the information provided by the Dubai Airports, in 2016 the total number of passengers carried through it exceeded 83.65 million people.

Emirates and Flydubai have renewed using Iraqi airspace for flights to other countries, the Middle Eastern airlines said on Monday, two days after Iraq declared victory in its years-long fight against Daesh.
Some airlines has stopped flights at Iraqi airspace in 2014 over safety concerns because of the conflict.

Airlines have used longer routes over Iran and other countries, increasing congestion in the region, with many airlines also avoiding Syrian airspace.
The use of Iraqi airspace is likely to help Emirates and Flydubai to save on fuel costs by shortening flying hours and also reducing regional airspace congestion.

It was noted that all the risks, also measures of securiry and safety had been taken into consideration before renewing the flights.

Increasing the level of safety in the global air transport system is a fundamental and most important strategic objective. It can be reached only if the following things are completed: the implement of the most advanced safety measures, regular updating the fleet of aircraft, taking care of the comfort of passengers and being based at airports that have high marks of their work.