Tolerance and happiness in the UAE.


The United Arab Emirates is a country with a high value of tolerance and happiness. These notions are supported by the UAE Government.

The Government is eager to instill these qualities to people of different cultures and religions and made several important steps for achieving this goal.

1.In June the mosque in Abu Dhabi was renamed into ‘Mary, Mother of Jesus Mosque’. This fact gained widespread praise from people.

2.In July a conference took place in Abu Dhabi which brought together the representatives of different religions and races to increase to sense of mutual respect and understanding.

3. The establishment of the International Institute for Tolerance.

4. The conference “Tolerance in the UAE” in November.

All these initiatives were made also with the aim to develop in young generation family values, to protect them from bigotry and extremism, to save international peace and respect.

Happiness of society also is one of the most important goals of the UAE leadership.
The government provides people with high-quality, efficient and smart services in order to help people to feel positive and enjoy it.

This year, the National Programme for Happiness and Positivity, under the leadership of Ohoud bint Khalfan Al Roumi, Minister of State for Happiness and Wellbeing, developed the world’s first ‘Happiness Policy Manual’.

In June, representatives from various government agencies launched the ‘Happiness without Borders’ initiative which mobilised efforts to promote a lifestyle based on positivity and stimulate its adoption as a cultural trait in the UAE.

Through providing guidance and support to employees, institutions worked together to establish healthy and positive work environments that ensure the happiness of their employees and the satisfaction of their happiness.