UAE is world’s largest donor for official development assistance


Since its founding in 1971, the UAE has become a generous and consistent donor assistance to countries in need around the world.

In a report prepared by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the UAE was established as the world’s largest donor for official development assistance compared to the country’s national gross income.

Official development assistance in 2016 reached 15.57 billion dirhams, which is 1.21% of the country’s gross national income.

More than 58% of the development funds provided by the UAE were transferred to various states in the form of grants.

The second in this ranking was Norway, which made the amounts corresponding to 1.12% of its gross national income, then Luxembourg – 1%, and Sweden – 0.94%.

According to the information received, about 275,000 volunteers took part in charitable activities this year, spending 2.8 million hours to provide various types of assistance and other types of activities related to good deeds.

Just from the private sector, more than 1.5 billion dirhams were received.

Among the initiatives carried out this year, the holding in November of the forum “Achieving the last mile” dedicated to the eradication of diseases such as malaria and poliomyelitis can be noted.

At the event in Abu Dhabi, a $ 100 million foundation was announced with the goal of finally eradicating many of the world’s deadliest diseases.

The UAE adheres to its humanitarian beliefs and principles, supporting its friends and colleagues around the world.

Official development assistance is one of the main tools for assisting developing countries. This assistance is provided in the form of grants, loans and other transfers in cash or in kind to partner countries.