What innovations can NBD offer us today


The largest bank of Dubai Emirates NBD on January 9, declared about its intentions to release first interactive payment cards with battery power in UAE.

Emirates NBD in cooperation with Dynamics Inc have plans to work on the Wallet Card, to be the world’s first “connected” safe card.

The great advantage of this card is a quick response to attempts to steal data. The compromised card account number is immediately deleted and replaced by a new one.

Wallet Card gives an opportunity to use several cards in one – consumers can access their debit, credit, multicurrency, one-time or loyalty cards on one device with the touch of a button.

New service also involves soon replacement of cards with a new one within a few hours after the loss or theft.

The card may be used in any way and any place – you can activate the device at any time through a secure mobile channel.

The Wallet Card contains a cell phone chip and an antenna, so the data can be transmitted any point in the world and at any time. There is also a battery and a device for self-charging.

Emirates NBD holds leading positions in the field of basic banking services.
The Bank is valued by highly professional services in the field of investment and private banking, and is also a leader in asset management and intermediation services. Due to this, Emirates NBD has huge growth prospects, and also enjoys great confidence from shareholders, customers and employees.

The bank has a lot of innovations. One of them is the computer banking assistant, who understands human speech, named EVA.

As reported in the newsletter sent by Emirates NBD to its clients, EVA understands natural human speech and, depending on the questions, tries to give the most appropriate answers and recommendations.

EVA understands English and Arabic. This banking assistant was designed to significantly reduce the time that the client spent when selecting the menu items of the standard voice assistant (IVR).

Despite the fact that EVA is positioned as an intellectual assistant, the bank’s clients are not recommended to use general inquiries, such as “I have a problem”, “credit card”, “connect me with an agent”, etc.

In the letter, the bank gives examples of “right” requests to EVA, to which she is ready to answer:

“I would like to activate online banking”;
“I would like to pay the bill for electricity” and others.

Founded in October 2007, the bank NBD became the largest bank of Dubai Emirates.