TOP 5 reasons for organizing business in Dubai


Dubai has become a regional economic hub and one of the main centers of international business, which attracts many businessmen from all over the world. Any business is provided in Dubai with all necessary infrastructure and super modern technology helping to increase productivity and meet the needs of customers.

Let’s see 5 reasons for organizing business in Dubai.

1. Favorable geographical location and global aviation hub

Dubai is a very profitable place for doing business. It is located at the intersection of trade routes between Europe, Africa and Asia, which determines its development as the largest center of trade. There are many factors for this: the largest in the region sea port with modern infrastructure, two international airports.

Wherever you live and wherever your business is, Dubai is always close. Two international airports of Dubai serve more than 32,000 flights of more than 90 airlines in 240 directions every month, so Dubai can be reached anywhere in the world just during a day.

2. Center for Innovation.

Dubai is a center for innovation. This city is already inseparable from its futuristic image: the highest buildings in the world, man-made coastal islands, etc. Today Dubai is entering a new, even higher level – the government of the emirate has set a goal to turn Dubai into the most attractive city in the world for creative business.

Dubai Creative Clusters Authority (DCСA) develops policies and implements programs for the development of the cluster.

DCСA attracts and supports Dubai’s creative business. The Office provides financial and legal support to entrepreneurs and serves as a platform for research work.

3. City of the future

Dubai has already managed to build a grandiose, ambitious infrastructure, but the emirate does not stop there and confidently builds its future, which will become a model for imitation. The plan for the development of Dubai until 2021 provides for the transformation of the emirate “into one of the system-forming centers of the world economy.”

The government conducts a business-oriented policy, offering favorable conditions for creation and development of companies, and implements specific programs that help start-ups and existing companies to succeed.

4. Smart City Project

Dubai is known for its innovative approach to new technologies. The Smart City project was a continuation of this tradition. The project aims to unite the public and private sectors to work together in the field of innovation. Its main goal is to make Dubai the most effective, safe and inspiring city in the world for both residents and guests.

5. Emphasis on health care

Dubai Health Management is hosting the annual Dubai Health Forum, which mission is to turn the emirate into in-demand medical tourism center. The forum discusses the best investment opportunities, as well as the development of medical institutions and services in accordance with international standards.