TOP7 business ideas for opening in the UAE


United Arab Emirates provides wonderful business conditions. Among such factors – a competitive economy, low import rates and a unique strategic position – can be marked. Indeed, being in this country you can get access to a lot of international markets (China, Africa, Asia, etc.).

In the UAE, an entirely diverse activity is popular: from selling goods to providing various services, etc. However, for certain functions, enterprises need permits, which are difficult to obtain.

We offer you a list of ideas for business in the UAE, which are in demand among consumers and do not require the long procedures for opening.

1. Restaurant / Cafe in the UAE / Delivery of homemade food

If we take into account the multinationality of society in the UAE, then it can be argued that the cuisine of almost any country will be in great demand there.
Most of people of this country simply do not have time to eat at home, which makes them potential visitors of cafes/restaurants.
Also, recently in the Emirates, home-cooked food is in great demand. If a person does not have time to prepare food, as well as to visit a cafe, delivery of homemade food is an ideal option.
Also, you can conclude contracts with several offices and companies, delivering them food for lunch a certain number of times a week.

2. Organization of tourist tours in the UAE

Registration of a company in the UAE can be useful also if you decide to try yourself in the role of a tour operator. Not only Dubai, but other emirates of the country are suitable as a starting point for hundreds of tourist destinations. Despite the fact that this business in the UAE is already very popular, you can interest the potential clients with original offers and discounts.

3. Services in the UAE for cleaning / home repair

Proceeding from the abovementioned thesis about the general employment of people in the UAE, it can be assumed that they hardly have even one free hour to clean their houses. In addition, cleaning services are always in demand among office companies, so this option of business development can be very cost-effective.

Among other employees, those who are capable of repairing different things are very popular in the UAE. It can be about fixing the tap, installing eaves and other household tasks.

4. Recruitment agency in the UAE

Immigration to the UAE is an excellent option for many professionals and specialists. Business in the UAE needs employees every day, however, companies do not always have time for careful recruitment. So, you can help many companies in this aspect. Form the lists of people who want to get a job, comparing them with the requests of firms.

5. Gift shop in the UAE / Flower delivery service

This variant of business is characterized by the fact that it can be developed very quickly. You do not even have to make your own products – just buy a variety of gizmos (preferably from a well-known brand) and seal them in your own packaging. Such goods can be sold as quickly as flowers, which are in demand every day. It is very important to choose the original assortment and create a unique packaging.

6. Preparation and processing of documents in the UAE / Insurance

More and more people come to the UAE, to work or to organize a business. Getting the right papers takes a lot of time, and the procedure itself can consist of many stages. People do not have enough time to study all the nuances of the UAE legislation. So, you can build your own profitable business in this direction.

Medical and motor insurance are mandatory in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, as well as in other emirates. This means a high demand for insurance brokers. To begin with, it is worthwhile to act under the auspices of larger firms. Having completed the necessary documents, you can think about opening your own insurance company.

7. Hairdresser in the UAE / spa

To devote time to yourself, your health and beauty, to relax … Everyone is happy to do it. Spa, beauty salons, hairdressers are popular in any country of the world.

Unlike a spa or beauty salon, a hairdresser requires less investment. For greater success, it is worthwhile to find the most strategic position for a future hairdresser.

Today, the Emirates allows to make business as comfortable as possible. Such a policy of the UAE is definitely a great motivation for any business.