Checking a company at the UAE registry


Sometimes it is necessary for businessmen to check a company from the UAE. How to do it? And is there any registry of UAE companies?

These questions may be actual for example, when it is necessary to check partners, or sometimes just for an entrepreneur, registering a company in the UAE, who would like to know whether the company registry will be available for public viewing.

Companies in the United Arab Emirates can be registered in various emirates, and the company can be registered both on the territory of any of the free zones and outside the free zones.

First of all it should be noted that there is no unified registry of the companies of the United Arab Emirates, and each emirate and each free zone have the registers of the companies and give the opportunities for company check. Some free zones do not provide any means of checking companies at all, and information about companies can only be obtained by local authorities when submitting an official request.

Some free zones can publish a registry of companies on their website, and then remove it from public access.
Probably, there can be a reverse situation, when the free zone does not publish its companies’ registry first, and in the future makes the registry public.

When looking for a company in any registry through the Internet, it is necessary to take into consideration that even if a company is not found in this register, it does not mean that it really does not exist.

Before you start cooperation with any company in the Emirates, you need to make sure that this company is licensed, and that this license is valid. This will reduce the likelihood that after receiving payment such a company will disappear.

Some of the ways for verifying companies

1. Many free zones now introduce electronic licenses or completely electronic documents. Electronic documents are sent to customers by e-mail. For an additional fee, the client can also receive documents certified by the registrar. Electronic documents for the convenience of customers and counterparts have a link, using which you can see and scan the document itself.

2. To verify the registration of a local company (that is, a company that is registered outside the territory of free zones), one can use the register of UAE companies of the website of the Ministry of Economy of the UAE. There are all local companies of the Emirates in this registry, regardless of the emirate in which they are registered.

3. The local company can be checked not only through the registry of UAE companies of the Ministry of Economy of the UAE. For example, a local company registered in Dubai can be checked by the following method.
Local Dubai companies are registered with the DED (Department of Economic Development of Dubai). Check the fact of registration of a local company in Dubai (and see some information about it) can be on the list of companies in Dubai.

4. Check the local company from Abu Dhabi according to the registry of UAE companies in the emirate of Abu Dhabi can be found on the website of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
There is a registry of UAE companies in which you can check the Tax Registration Number of the supplier company. This number is used when accounting for VAT (Value Added Tax).

5. In order to provide financial services in DIFC or from DIFC, the firm must obtain a license from the Dubai Financial Services Authority. To provide support services in DIFC or from DIFC, a firm must register with the Financial Services Authority. As a risk-based regulator, the Financial Services Authority makes initial assessments to ensure that firms comply with the standards of conduct and business adopted by the Financial Services Authority.