The advantages of living in the UAE


If you think of living in the UAE, you should know what advantages it can provide you with.

Usually, when choosing a country for permanent residence, the foreigner already knows what he wants: favorable conditions for doing business, high income, good work, the opportunity to live in a rich, safe country, access to good and affordable property, etc. But the Arab Emirates are unique in this respect, as they provide expats with a lot of advantages and almost unlimited opportunities for a comfortable life in this country both: as an entrepreneur or a wage worker, and as a rich person who invested money in local real estate and enjoying life. All these ways will allow you to live in Dubai, enjoying the high standard of living and security of this region, having year-round access to beach rest and much more.

UAE is a unique combination of leisure and business opportunities. The entire business and social infrastructure is actively developing.

One of the key advantages is the liberal policy of the state in relation to visiting foreigners, thanks to which Dubai is home to more than 150 nationalities. There are almost 90 percent of foreigners in the UAE. But the UAE has created such living and working conditions that no one feels like a foreigner here.

Dubai is very diverse in all aspects of life, and this diversity is available to people of absolutely different material levels. It can be felt at a strong price variety. For example, the prestigious restaurants with royal prices are next to cafes with democratic prices. This also applies to different emirates. Arriving in the UAE, you have opportunity to choose from the most expensive to cheap segments of the market. It should be noted that even non-expensive segments of market will provide you with a high quality of service and give you the most pleasant impressions.

Great attention is paid to children and future generations in the UAE, to their education and leisure – there are a lot of recreation areas, parks, museums, restaurants and so on.

The education for children in the UAE is very diverse. You can choose affiliates of prestigious universities of the UK, Canada, France and others.

In the UAE everyone speaks English. It’s great if you know Englilsh at an advanced level and can communicate freely, but even if you talk this language just a little, it is not a problem. Russian is also popular here.

Dubai is considered to be a city of contrasts. But, nevertheless, the standard of living in Dubai for most residents is extremely high, not only for UAE citizens, but also for expats. That’s why in the United Arab Emirates you can make a good career, build a successful business, get rich. In addition, people living in Dubai can enjoy all the benefits of the region: a developed health, educational and banking systems, opportunities for entertainment, etc.