Community as an effective tool of business


At a time when traditional marketing tools, such as advertising, are losing their power and stop working, they are replaced by others, having deeper involvement of the consumer and more productive interaction with him. One such effective tool is the creation of communities. When people share opinions with each other, information is perceived and affects the consumer better.

The 2017 Community Value and Metrics Report, which was involved by more than 500 community development and development managers, showed that for 66% of the respondents, communities are strengthening relationships with consumers.

At the same time, communities can improve the service and the quality of the services provided – because in this way the brand constantly keeps feedback from the consumer.

There are several community building strategies that will help the brand keep the consumer and keep his loyalty.

Build a community. The strength of the network of professional acquaintances is estimated by the number of connections between the participants, and when a lot of people are connected with another set, a community appears.

People tend to learn from each others patterns of behavior – and their mutual influence is much stronger than it might seem at the first glance.

Always know where to invite community members. If you constantly meet people in a one-to-one format, then most likely, you will not have enough time to support all contacts. Therefore, organize events for which you can invite all at once.

Ask for advice. When you ask a person for advice, it makes him treat you kindly. Gradually, strenuous business relations become friendly. In this case, follow the principle of reciprocity. Such a mutual exchange will necessarily benefit both: you and your community.

Provide a personal approach. Building a community is more than sending promotional flyers and invitations to events. People need to feel involved in the life of the community. It is recommended that you periodically contact each participant individually to keep his attention and to warm up interest. In the end, everyone should feel their value and significance.