Getting a license for freelance in Dubai: good news!


Residents will now be able to obtain permission for freelancing in education or media for 7,500 dirhams a year.  This permission (package of documents) was called Gofreelance.

The annual fee will cover the permit for freelancing and access to the business center.

It is possible to get such permits in the business centers of the free zones of Dubai Media City and Dubai Knowledge Park.

Advantages of freelance.

Residents who have a basic job will be able to obtain a permit for freelancing only in the case of a letter of absence of objections from their employer or sponsor, who gives them wages. At the same time, companies will be able to hire freelancers to work on outsourcing terms, on one-off projects, on a contract basis, etc. Permission to freelance will be available to specialists who are in Dubai on the basis of visas of parents or spouse.

At the moment, the areas of activity for which it is possible to get permission for freelancing, are limited to two sectors: education and media.

In the field of education, 5 types of activities are available, including education advice, research and advice on distance learning.

As for the media, almost 50 types of activity are available here. Permission to freelance will be available to actors, animators, cameramen, journalists and others. According to experts, the new initiative will be very relevant in the context of the changes that are taking place in the labor market.

Big interest.

Today there is a great interest in new permissions for freelancing from the side of society. The relevant institutions have already started receiving applications from the first applicants for such permission. Now it’s easier to get permission, faster and less expensive (in some cases, costs will be 70% less).

Simplified process.

The process of obtaining permission is also simplified as much as possible, almost everything can be done online. Those wishing to obtain a permit must submit an application and attach the necessary documents, such as: a CV, a copy of the passport and visa, a recommendation from the bank and a letter about the absence of objections from the sponsor (if required). When the application is approved, an e-mail notification will be sent to the freelancer, then he will need to come to the office, to sign personally the documents and make a payment. While visiting business centers, freelancers can ask several clarifying questions. Soon after, they receive permission to freelance by email.

Experts note that many people today are engaged in freelancing without legal justification. So, it is much more correct to work in accordance with established legal norms, especially if it is not so expensive as it was before.