How to get Emirates ID certificate


The Federal Authority for National Identity and Citizenship of the UAE announced a new system, according to which companies will be able to issue Emirates ID national certificates, as well as extend their validity term for their employees electronically.

Companies will be able to use the services of the Federal Authority for National Identity and Citizenship in online mode to obtain IDs. With the new feature, 80% of all Office services will be transferred to digital smart platforms during 2018. According to the Director of the Service Center of the Authority, the new system will help reduce the possibility of errors and speed up the process of issuing certificates, which will also reduce the costs of companies associated with the issuance and renewal of these documents.

To gain access to the new system, companies must meet a number of criteria. For example, the number of employees of a company or a group of companies with a common sponsor should exceed 100 people. In addition, the company must obtain a license from the relevant authorities, and also file an application with the Federal Authority for National Identity and Citizenship for use of the system.

Management has already launched an initiative to raise companies’ awareness of innovation. Soon, training seminars for representatives of companies on the use of new services will also be organized.

In February, the government announced that in 2017, 5,435,911 national Emirates ID certificates were issued, of which 1,288,844 were new certificates. 4,416,933 replacement or renewal cases were also recorded. 134 certificates had to be replaced because of technical errors.

Investors in Dubai from the beginning of 2018 were in great demand of using services to register companies and obtain licenses to conduct business in the emirate.
Most of all, commercial licenses were issued, accounting for 58% of the total number of issued licenses

The lines of services in the sphere of company registration and licensing in January 2018 prove the growing interest in innovations and smart solutions offered by Dubai Economy in order to facilitate business, as well as increasing the attractiveness of Dubai as a competitive center for sustainable business development.