How to get TAX resident certificate in the UAE


Today, in the era of globalization, companies are working all over the world. The aggregate income received in this case can consist of several channels in different foreign states. At the same time, each country wants to get its “share” from this aggregate income in the form of taxes. In order for a businessman to avoid paying taxes simultaneously to two states with a cumulative income, many countries, including the UAE, sign Double Tax Avoidance Agreements (DTAA).

The UAE double tax treaties concluded with many countries are bilateral agreements designed to support the interests of foreign UAE residents originating in other tax jurisdictions and wishing to take advantage of the UAE.

Any individual resident in the UAE who is in the country for more than 180 days who is ready to provide the necessary documents to the Ministry of Finance of the UAE has the right to get a certificate of a tax resident and to take advantage of the double taxation treaty, that is, he can receive tax benefits in his country.

If you do not have a resident UAE visa, then to obtain a certificate (and visa), you need to establish a resident campaign in the UAE, such companies are also companies in the UAE’s free economic zones.

For obtaining a Tax Resident/Domicile Certificate the following documents are required:
– copy of the passport, visa and of Emirates ID;
– copy of the lease of the apartment (or a copy of Title of Deed, confirming the ownership of the apartment);
– bank statements for the last 6 months, certified by the bank;
– confirmation of the source of income / salary certificate;
– a document from the Immigration Service with the number of days the person was in the UAE;
– a copy of the company’s license with the names of the partners – for the holders of the investor’s visa.

The certificate is issued for a period of one year.