How to save money choosing office for business in the UAE


Choosing the right office for your startup is an extremely important task. Each new startup is unique and it is necessary to select an office exactly for the needs of the business.

Registering a company in the UAE and doing business can result in significantly less expenses if you choose a serviced office or even a virtual office instead of a traditional one. Let’s take a closer look at this possibility of saving.

The approach to choosing an office has changed in recent years. There has been an increase in the number of businessmen who choose a serviced office and find many advantages in this style of working environment.

Serviced offices in the UAE have become very popular, because in this case the businessman gets a fully furnished and equipped office, including utilities, WiFi and communication services, as well as conference rooms and others. Today in the UAE, all this is usually included in the contract.

When opening a new business in the UAE, the amount of initial expenses is especially important, and, of course, it is important to take into account the costs for the office as well.

If we consider the traditional lease of the office, then it is necessary to take into account a lot of additional expenses and additional time for making telephone connection contracts, contracts for providing office with Wifi, utilities and others.

If you choose a serviced office, then all of the above issues are already included in the cost, and this significantly helps to reduce operating costs when starting a business in the UAE to the lowest possible value. Even the reception services can be provided when choosing a served office.

Also, you should note the opportunity to choose a suitable area for business at any time (increase or decrease) when choosing a serviced office, which is a huge bonus for the startup owner.

Another advantage is that such an office can be rented for any period, even for one day or for the whole year.

Virtual office when registering a company in the UAE is also a common option for an inexpensive alternative to a traditional office. Usually, the centers in the UAE, offering serviced offices, also offer virtual offices. A virtual office in the UAE offers an entrepreneur to use some of the fixed assets of a serviced office, without physical work in the building. This has become very popular lately, because 50% of all business people around the world spend up to 2.5 days a week working outside the office.

Business owners who choose this style of work can use the office address as their official business address, they also have access to telephones, and can receive mail processed by the center’s staff.

Also, remote workers are able to work much longer than ordinary employees, so virtual offices actually help developing companies improve their productivity.