Making business just from home in Abu-Dhabi


The UAE government offers many initiatives and incentives for entrepreneurs to increase economic growth and streamline current business.

Entrepreneurs will be able to take advantage of the unique opportunity to register a company in the UAE, in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, the company’s registration here became as simple as never before.

The new initiative gives unique opportunity to conduct business directly from home and give companies in free zones the opportunity to work outside them. Such innovations are expected to be very profitable for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

This outstanding step of the government of Abu Dhabi has the main points that will make the initiative extremely attractive.

The first important point is that all new trade licenses that are to be issued will not require a physical office or workplace for two years. Earlier, at the registration of any company, the presence of a physical office was mandatory. Thus, it will allow people to work formally from home.

The second important point is that there will be double licenses for companies in free zones of Abu Dhabi, and thus they will also be able to work outside free zones and will even be able to participate in tenders at government tenders. This will greatly facilitate the life of start-ups.

The third important point is that this new registration of companies and the receipt of licenses must be enforced by licensing systems for almost all types of commercial licenses and services provided by the government of Abu Dhabi.

This initiative is aimed at the following things:

– develop local economy;
– make Abu Dhabi more competitive;
– increase the scale of tourism in Abu Dhabi:
– create unique opportunities for opening a business there;
– create more jobs.

New economic initiatives and incentives are aimed at facilitating business, supporting new sectors, developing small and medium-sized businesses, creating a unique investment environment for increasing the competitiveness of Abu Dhabi.