The main things to know planning a business at the UAE


Here are some of the important things you should know while planning to open the company at the UAE.


Dubai is the largest financial center where reliable local, regional and international banks operate. Tariffs for servicing in different banks are significantly different, so it makes sense to conduct market research. Start-ups can easily find financing, as banks readily support government initiatives to develop small and medium-sized businesses. The best offers for small and medium-sized businesses and individual entrepreneurs can be found on specialized websites.

Business Language

The official language in Dubai is Arabic. Also widely spoken is English. The Department of Economic Development of Dubai encourages the use of Arabic language in commercial organizations along with any other language chosen by the business owner in accounts, menus, price tags, receipts, call centers and reception desks. In such organizations as hotels and car rental agencies, as well as in retail stores at the check-in desks and in direct contact with customers, Arabic-speaking staff must be available to handle complaints, requests, requests and requests related to after-sales service.

Air communication

Dubai is a global air harbor, opening up unique business opportunities: flights to almost anywhere in the world take no more than a day. There are two airports in the city – Dubai International Airport and Al Maktoum International Airport, which serve more than 8,460 flights of more than 90 airlines every week, including local ones – Emirates Airline and flydubai. Flights are carried out in 20 directions on six continents. Dubai airports are equipped with the latest technology, and thanks to the electronic system of Smart Gates, the time for passengers to pass through all necessary procedures is minimized.

How long will it take to open a company

Time to open a company varies depending on emirate. Companies in Dubai require significantly more time for their registration due to the large number of daily requests. So the opening of the company in Dubai can take from 2 weeks to one month. At the same time, it can take just a few days to open a company in other UAE emirates. However, you must not forget that some activities require additional permission from the local authorities (Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defense, etc.), which may increase the term of registration of the company for several months.

What is Flexy-desk

The presence of a registered company address is one of the key conditions for obtaining a license. To obtain the address, the business owner can rent an office, conclude a lease agreement for a room in a business center or rent a working place from a free economic zone (Flexi-desk). Flexi-desk is a workplace in the business center of the free economic zone, which is allocated for use for 16-20 hours per month. At the same time, Flexi-desk rental costs are 3-6 times less than the cost of annual office rent, which is an optimal solution for a beginner business.

Working week:

The official days off in Dubai are Friday and Saturday. State institutions open at 07: 00/08: 00 and close at 15: 00/16: 00. Commercial organizations usually work eight hours in a row, or with a long lunch break in the middle of the day, after which the company resumes work in the evening.