Humanitarian help to Sudan from the UAE


Aircraft with humanitarian assistance to the victims of floods in the Sudan will be sent from the UAE.

This noble gesture once again confirms the determination of the UAE to help all peoples and countries that need it, providing them with all necessary things.

It should be reminded that in some areas of the Sudan, including the capital of the country, colossal precipitations had a force which lead to sacrificed, as well as made thousands of people leave their houses due to the destruction and serious damage to communal infrastructure.

Recently, the organization of the Red Crescent in the UAE conducted an operation to provide first aid to families affected by the floods in the Sudan, providing the necessary materials for temporary shelter and food rations.

According to the report of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), last year the UAE became the world’s largest donor country providing official assistance to other states.

In total, the contribution of the UAE to the development of other countries in 2017 amounted to 19.32 billion US dollars which is 1.31% of the country’s gross national income. It is worth noting that such a figure is twice the international standards in the amount of 0.7%, which were established by the United Nations.

The volume of funds listed in 2017 increased by 23.72% compared to 2016, when the Emirates allocated 15.57 billion US dollars.

For the fifth year in a row, the UAE was called the largest official donor in the world, allocating funds for the development of other countries in terms of national income.

The state actively shares its benefits with all of humanity.

It should be noted that in June 2018 the UN expressed gratitude to the government of the United Arab Emirates for its contribution to the implementation of the humanitarian assistance program for Yemen. The United Nations has published statistics on the significant progress made in addressing humanitarian problems in Yemen, thanks to the contribution of the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.