The advantages of living and having business in Dubai


In June 2018, the Department of Business Registration and Licensing (BRL) of the Department of Economic Development (DED) of Dubai handed in 1,185 new licenses and carried out more than 19850 operations.

According to the latest data from the digital platform “Business Card” BRL, Dubai remains a competitive center for the planned development of business for enterprises and investors. “Business Card”, issuing strategic data for each category, monitors operations for licensing and business registration in the Department of Economic Development of Dubai, as well as shows the real state of affairs in the economy of Dubai.

Out of the total number of new licenses awarded, the number of commercial customers was 61.9%, professional – 35.6%, industrial – 1.4%; tourist -1,1%. The Bur Dubai region, with 558 new licenses, became the most popular, the Deira district with 538 licenses, is at the second place. Most likely, this is due to the rates of rent available in these areas.

It must be emphasized that in the first six months of 2018, the cost of living in the UAE decreased. The current situation is caused by the reduction of state duties, payment for rent, freezing and lowering the price of schooling, and, as a whole, strengthening the national currency in relation to the world’s major currencies. At the same time, it is necessary to indicate an increase in people’s living standards and an increase in purchasing power.

It should be also noted that the UAE increased its positions in the healthcare, security, real estate to income level. All this favors the improvement of living standards in the UAE.

The increase in the growth of the main sectors of the economy of Dubai shows the newly issued licenses. In the sphere of trade and repair, 37.8% of new companies operate. 25.1% are engaged in business services, rent and real estate, 14.6% are engaged in construction, 12.7% – in public and personal services and 7.5% – in hotel business.