The largest Chinatown in Dubai


Dubai authorities declared the plans to create the largest in the region Chinatown  in the shopping district of Dubai Creek Harbor. This will be an important step in attracting even more tourists from China to Dubai.

One more Dubai’s tallest skyscraper, the Dubai Creek Tower, will be built here.            There will be a lot of shops, restaurants and other buildings in Chinese style.

Representatives of the general developer Emaar Properties believe that the Chinatown itself will become an important tourist attraction of the city.

The launch of the project coincides with the visit of the Chairman of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, to the UAE.

The UAE and China have strong trade and cultural contacts: more than 200,000 Chinese citizens live in the UAE, and hundreds of thousands visit the UAE every year as tourists.

The construction of the new mixed Chinatown in Dubai Creek Harbor underscores the interest of the UAE in China. It indicates the desire to strengthen the relationship between these two successful countries.

Over the first six months of 2018, Dubai was visited by more than 400,000 Chinese (9% more than last year), which allowed China to become the fourth leading tourism market in Dubai.

The decision to build the Chinatown is the result of a coordinated effort by the government of Dubai to have closer partnership with the world’s second largest economy.

Hala China, the government organization of Dubai, which task is to increase the flow of tourists from China, recently announced the signing of numerous agreements with tourism and financial institutions in Dubai and China.

Some information about the UAE – China cooperation

It should be mentioned, that while many countries in the world are experiencing another crisis, China is moving ahead on economic indicators and is now one of the most stable partners. The figures show that China has already outstripped the West in terms of exports, industrial production and innovation rates, the country continues to strengthen its position as the largest trading partner with many countries, including the United Arab Emirates.

Entrepreneurs prefer not to depend on political and financial global instability and choose China. Emirates also are not very influenced by global instability and successfully develop the economy, establishing relations with advanced producers, simplifying bilateral and, in particular, trade relations.

In many respects high figures in the trade sector are provided by the energy resources of the Middle East, on which China is dependent.

However, in the coming years, both sides are interested in expanding trade cooperation in the non-energy sector, mainly through trade, tourism, construction and financial services.