Who is ready to save A380?


The UAE has saved the A380 Airbus, purchasing 36 aircraft for $ 16 billion.

Emirates has signed an agreement on buying 36 Airbus A380 aircraft, for the sum of 16 billion dollars. This solution essentially saves the A380 – if the negotiations failed, Airbus could stop the production of these passenger aircraft due to low demand.

On Thursday Emirates airline announced the signing of a contract for the purchase of 36 aircraft Airbus A380. The deal amounted to 16 billion dollars. The airline made an agreement to purchase 20 aircraft and an option to buy another 16. The ordered aircraft will be delivered to Emirates until 2020.

This decision of Emirates saves the A380. Earlier it was repeatedly reported that Airbus, most likely, will stop their production, if this transaction does not take place. Over the past few years Airbus several times reduced the production of A380 due to low demand.

Carriers are increasingly abandoning the A380, fearing that they will not be able to fill them, and switch to more compact fuel-efficient models, such as the Airbus A350, the Boeing 777 and the 787 Dreamliner.

Earlier this week, information about the possibility of discontinuing the production of the A380 was confirmed by the director of Airbus Sales John Leahy. “If we can not agree with Emirates, then we will have no choice but to stop the program,” he said. Now Mr. Leahy noted that this order will prolong production of the A380 for at least 10 years.

Emirates is the largest buyer of the A380, in total since 2003 the airline has made orders for 178 such aircraft, 101 of them have already been delivered.

Singapore Airlines, which is on the second place, ordered 24 A380.
Following the announcement of the deal, Airbus shares rose 1.6%.

Emirates is a company that symbolizes Dubai’s commitment to continuous development, desire for innovation and ability to meet the challenges of modern society.