Where to avoid overpay the VAT in UAE


This year the UAE launched the 5% VAT. Although this is the lowest per cent of VAT in the world, people still are worrying how this can influence their budget. And some companies try to absorb the VAT to attrack people for their services and goods.

Dubai’s Global Village keeps ticket price at Dh15 for a visit absorbing the VAT.
But rides and other services inside the Global Village are subject to 5 % VAT.

Global Village is one the most famous and interesting attractions of UAE which attracts millions the people all over the world with its majesty and amazing entertainments.

The Global Village gives an opportunity to make a real round-the-world trip in the territory of one fair.

The Global Village Fair, opening in the autumn and winter season in Dubai, is considered one of the main shopping and entertainment venues in the UAE. The exhibition complex is a planet in miniature. Each of the 75 significant countries in the world is represented here in a separate pavilion or booth, whose design reflects its unique cultural characteristics. The assortment of goods also corresponds to the national color.

The Global Village complex includes about 30 restaurants with traditional cuisine from Asia, Europe, Africa and America. Its amusement park “Fantasy Island” with numerous attractions, carousels and roller coaster is a popular place for visit among tourists from different countries. An artificial reservoir flows through the territory, along which it is possible to ride comfortably in an elegant boat.

A bright feature of Dubai’s main fair is an extremely rich cultural and entertainment program. Theater performances, fashion shows, puppet shows, concerts, salutes, fire-shows are held here daily. The most significant events can be seen on the stage of the “World Theater”, designed for 3000 seats. One of the pearls of the Global Village Fair is the Fiestaval. Show program, built on the basis of elements from the brightest festivals from different continents. In total, during the season of the fair, about 12,000 art actions and 60 large fireworks shows are held on its territory.

So, the price of admission to the Global Village in Dubai is still 15 dirhams. The entrance is free for children under 3-year old and people more 65.

People who like to make purchase of gold can be pleased with the news, that Pure Gold Jewellers also has decided to absorb 5 % VAT for the period of January!
Others decided to observe the situation with VAT this month and make conclusions for the future.