Why Sharjah is so popular for investors


The UAE economy has a clear strategy. It is aimed at the constant achievement of economic growth and development, as well as productive cooperation with other countries.

Due to the economic diversification of Sharjah, the strategic geographical location and the business environment, Sharjah has become one of the most attractive destinations for investment.

Today, Sharjah plays a key role in the dynamics of social and economic development of all the northern emirates, thanks to the vigorous development of the turnover of a major local port. The city of Sharjah is the main center of export and import of the UAE. Here there are various state institutions, offices of companies, banks and hotels. Sharjah attracts a large number of tourists annually.

The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, SCCI, reported that in 2017 over 6,000 new companies joined the Chamber. This is an indicator of Sharjah’s immense popularity for foreign investment, and also points to a modern business environment capable of increasing the value of companies creating businesses in the emirate.

The total number of members increased by 6.8 percent in 2017 and amounted to more than 69,000 members.

Export and re-export of the members of the Chamber reached 20 billion Dirhams in natural reflection of the advanced infrastructure.

The Chamber of Commerce began the year of 2018 with a trade mission to Costa Rica in Latin America, which goal is to attract companies in various spheres of economy, tourism, education, waste management to Sharjah, etc. They expect to attract more international companies to Sharjah and help them to enter a huge market in the region.