World Government Summit, Dubai


The sixth World Government Summit, WGS 2018, is taking place these days in Dubai (11-13 February).

His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, had meetings with President Igor Dodon of Moldova, and Prime Minister Sapar Isakov of Kyrgyzstan during which the questions of cooperation between the UAE and the Republics of Moldova and Kyrgyzstan were discussed.

Prime Minister of the Kyrgyzstan Sapar Isakov had also a meeting with the CEO of Abu-Dhabi Islamic Bank, Khamis Buharoon. The parties discussed possibilities of mutual cooperation.

Sapar Isakov told about Kyrgyzstan’s investment opportunities.

Director of the Bank Khamis Buharoon stressed that there is a positive dynamics in the development of bilateral relations between the two countries.

The issues of investing in agriculture, tourism and real estate construction, as well as opportunities for cooperation between the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic and Abu-Dhabi Islamic Bank were discussed.

Isakov already met with the Dubai police and representatives of the company Air Arabia. The Premier called for the Police of Dubai on an exchange of experience, and the airline on suggesting considering the opening of new flights through Kyrgyzstan.

Sapar Isakov also visited the Headquarters of the Police of Dubai, where he was represented the innovations of technologies “Smart City” with a control center that allows to monitor the situation on the streets of the city with the help of 8000 cameras, additional mobile devices, a satellite and a drone.

The WGS 2018 allows for world leaders to discuss actual problems, make plans of cooperation for the future which will lead to improving the lives of citizens worldwide.