A key role of UAE aid to Yemen


The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement was formed to help people in difficult life situations preventing people suffering, both internationally and nationally.

The movement aim is to defend life and health of people. It promotes the progress of friendship, cooperation and lasting peace between peoples.

On January, 1, the Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) distributed food supplies in several student dormitories which is a part of the Student Relief Programme of the UAE in the support of the Yemen people.

Saeed Bahmeesh, Acting Director of the Education and Directorate at Al Soum Directorate, extended thanks to the UAE and the country’s premier humanitarian aid provider for the constant support to the education sector in Yemen.

This programme has the aim of meeting the students’ needs for food supplies under the straightened economic circumstances.

The students also signified a great thanks to the UAE government for the constant support.

Humanitarian work in the UAE has become a way of life, a civilisational behaviour in which the country’s leadership and people wholeheartedly believe, passing it over to generations to come.

The Yemeni ambassador commended the generous support and sacrifices made by the leadership, government and people of the UAE to Yemen and the great efforts to restore the country’s legitimacy.

UAE aid to Yemen hits AED9.4 billion from April 2015 to November 2017 to the development of the country’s six main spheres: security, relief, health, housing, education and infrastructure.

As for the improvement of the health sector of Yemen, the ERC has helped in development of medical facilities, and also to contend diseases and epidemics, including cholera and malaria, in many areas.
The UAE has also provided Yemen with dozens of medically equipped vehicles, supplied hospitals with ambulances and basic medical devices and equipment. The ERC opened several hospitals and medical centers in Yemen in 2017.

The UAE pays a great attention and help to the educational sector of Yemen, playing a key role in it, in order to provide a good future to Yemen people. The ERC has reconstructed many schools and is continuing its restoration of schools and institutions that were destroyed by the Houthi militias. The ERC provided Yemen with school buses, school clothes and others.

As for the recovery of the energy sector and housing projects, the ERC launched hundreds of infrastructure and housing developments in 2017.
Many houses were reconstructed in 2017 and many are planned to be reconstructed in 2018.

The UAE’s constant humanitarian work is worth of a great pride and gratitude among the people and generations.