Dubai to favour fines over court trials for some minor violations


For tourists and others, fine orders instead of court trials will now be issued by Prosecutors, to reduce waiting-time.

From the 4th of December, Dubai Prosecutors are now allowed to fine suspects apprehended for specific minor crimes and violations, of which include the use of swear words, issuing of fake cheques and some others.

This was made effective by the issuance of the decision No. 88 of 2017 by Dubai’s Attorney-General Essam Eisa Al Humaidan, making room for the family and juveniles prosecution wing, and prosecutors of the Deira and Bur Dubai to issue criminal orders to violators.

Thus, specific minor offences will now attract fines, rather than indictments and court trials at the Dubai Misdemeanours Court, as per Al Humaidan’s resolution.

Attempted suicide, refusal to pay for food, car and rom rents (up to Dh50,000), defamation and cursing of non-government employees, disturbance of citizens with loud telecommunication sets, and presentation of bounced cheques (up to Dh200,000) are the list of fineable misdemeanours.

Speaking with Golf News on Monday, Prosecutor-General Mohammed Ali Rustom, Head of the Family and Juveniles Prosecution called the criminal order “an excellent step and a timely one as well.” He added that it will solve the many hindrances and delays faced by litigants, and the stress of decision-making faced by prosecutors in serving justice to offenders.

Rustom explained that, Dubai is a major international tourist hub attracting millions of annual visitors who visit simply to have splendid holidays, but eventually get involved in misdemeanours.

“They end up getting stuck for weeks and months after having committed minor offences. In certain incidents, some litigants had to wait for six months”, he added.

However, with the criminal order, the long waiting periods for tourists to be referred to Misdemeanours Court has been eliminated, instead they are asked to pay a fine.

More so, a Chief Prosecutor who pleaded anonymity, said the criminal order facilitates the Dubai Public Prosecution’s goal of fast-tracking and easing the resolutions of cases pertaining to the specified minor crimes.

According to the Attorney-General’s resolution, the Prosecutor-General, Rustom; the Head of the Deira Prosecution, Yousuf Foulad; and the Head of the Bur Dubai Prosecution, Prosecutor-General Sami Al Shamsi, all can assign prosecutors for issuance, amendment or cancellation of criminal orders. A copy of the resolution was acquired by Golf News.