How cloud technologies can help business in the UAE


The government of the United Arab Emirates has set a goal to create a diversified economy based on knowledge, a special place in which is assigned to digital technology. The development of the digital technology and the opening of the Smart City project will continue to be supported by the government.

Small and medium-sized enterprises, accounting for more than 90% of the total number of companies operating in the UAE, consider cloud technologies the main priority in the implementation of their still unused digital potential in 2018-2019. About 56% of small and medium-sized enterprises in the region are aware of the prospects. At the same time, 35% plan to invest at least 5% of their revenues in digital development this year. This was reported by the American technology company Microsoft.

Cloud technologies will play a very important role in the optimization of the work of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Middle East region. About half (44%) named cloud processing as their priority development direction. Among other important aspects of the company are business analysis (33%) and Internet of things (29%). The market share of Microsoft’s Azure cloud services suite is 16%, making Microsoft the second largest provider of cloud services. The leader in this ranking is the infrastructure platform Amazon Web Services. Such data are given in a study by Canalys, which interviewed 1,000 organizations in the UAE and other countries in the Persian Gulf region.

Recently, Microsoft introduced its new product – Dynamics 365 Business Central. This is a comprehensive cloud of technology designed to optimize the financial processes of regional small and medium-sized enterprises and to improve their ways of interacting with customers.

According to experts, small and medium-sized enterprises in the region often have to work in conditions of tough competition. Many systems that have already outdated and can not match the constantly growing markets. Modernization of existing systems can be quite expensive, so small and medium-sized enterprises need to look for flexible ways to get a solution for business development on a turnkey basis. In addition, the professionals say that cloud technologies are in the region.

Cloud technologies have become an important tool that can reduce the cost of implementing information technology, as well as get more flexible and optimized IT solutions. The introduction of cloud data processing techniques allows small and medium-sized enterprises to realize their digital potential. A study by Digital McKinsey showed that the Middle East has at least 8% of its total digital potential. For comparison: in Western Europe, this figure is 15%, and in the US – 18%.