Innovations at the tourism sector of Dubai


The tourism sector in Dubai is expected to increase significantly, thanks to a new initiative based on the blockchain technology.

Dubai authorities plan to turn the emirate into one of the most advanced and easily accessible tourist markets in the world. The maximum use of the latest technologies will support the growth of the sector and provide foreign visitors with easy access to the emirate.

The first phase of the program, launched under the 10X initiative, involves the creation of a new advanced service distribution platform for hotels and tour operators.

The open platform will become a kind of showcase for demonstrating the goods and services of the tourism and hospitality sectors. It is expected that this will allow the industry to attract new participants, as well as to increase the variety of offers and the level of competition.

Tourists will be able to carefully plan their trips to Dubai, using the services of various suppliers for every aspect of travel, which guarantees the best quality for the best price.

It will not only attract more tourists, but also create new jobs, as well as increase the industry’s contribution to Dubai’s GDP.

Tourism has long been a rapidly growing sector of the local economy.

This growth was largely made possible thanks to a dense tourist flow from key directing markets with the fastest growing economies.

The list is headed by India, where 2,1 million tourists arrived to Dubai in 2017 and became the first country to overcome the 2 million mark for the year.

China and Russia, the fastest growing directing tourist markets of the world, are also among the top countries, visiting Dubai.

The initiative will allow to accelerate the implementation of strategy, focused on the development of digital, mobile and social innovation.

Today, the travel industry is experiencing one of the most significant transformations in history due to technological innovations that are rapidly changing every aspect of the journey.