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Get rumors clarified from Dubai Municipality before getting alarmed!

In line with Dubai Municipality’s transparency policy, the department has launched a Whatsapp number +971 50 1077799 to which residents can send a message seeking the authenticity of any rumours. Dubai Municipality will verify the news’ sources and respond to the sender with a clarification within eight hours.

Understanding the importance of eradicating rumors quickly and logically, Dubai Municipality will be using multiple social media channels to raise awareness among the public about these kinds of rumours.

Dubai municipality adopt the principle of transparency and believes in the importance of eliminating the rumors and contain them quickly and logical, and that’s for sure from news sources and community awareness through multiple channels. From now on, residents can send images, videos or messages on DM’s whatsapp + 971501077799 or its other social media windows like Facebook.

According to the Complaints and Suggestions Section, the most prominent rumors circulating among residents included cheese, Vimto, chocolate, light-emitting diode (LED) shoes, perfume, and worms in green tea. Among these, rumours of toxic apple seeds is dismissed; no carcinogens in Vimto; are recently sorted out rumours, says municipality authorities to a leading news paper in UAE. The report also says, since June last year, Dubai Municipality has responded to 24 rumours via its call centre. Earlier in 2015,  Dubai Municipality has set up a helpline for the same purpose on 800900.


In addition to the Sharjah Top 10 Business Award (an invitation only award), the other four awards that will be presented this year include: Sharjah UAE STARTUPS Award – an award presented to innovative entrepreneurial ventures and newly emerged, fast-growing, private sector organizations in the UAE.

  1. The shjSEEN UAE Startups Award is open to all organizations in private sector in the UAE who will be assessed on basis of their innovation and measureable outcomes. The winner of the shjSEEN UAE Startups Award will receive a cash prize of AED 100,000.
  2. Sharjah ENTREPRENEUR Award – award presented to the most successful entrepreneurs who have made a significant and notable change in their lives and to the community. Private sector Entrepreneurs can enter one of three categories covering Sharjah, Eastern area, and Central area. Nominations received will be assessed on the basis of professionalism, leadership and measurable outcomes. The winners of the Sharjah Entrepreneur Award will receive a cash prize of AED 50,000.
  3. Sharjah GREEN Award – an award presented to organizations from all sectors who demonstrate best environmental practice in Sharjah, recognizing innovative projects that have pushed the boundaries in an effort to eliminate waste emission and enhance sustainability. Nominations received will be assessed on the basis of their achievements including recycling and waste minimization, use of ‘green” suppliers or materials, energy and/or water efficiency, training, safety, diversity, health and staff engagement.
  4. Sharjah SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Award – an award presented to organizations from all sectors in Sharjah demonstrating leadership in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices and in achieving sustainability. Nominations received will be assessed on their community awareness campaigns, their involvement with local charities, volunteer activities, healthy workplace initiatives implemented as well as their engagement to enriching the career opportunities for Sharjah’s youth.