The changes in the UAE’s migration policy


Over the past few decades, the United Arab Emirates became a popular destination for temporary migrant workers looking for possibility for employment and higher standards of life.

The Government of the UAE actively reforms its laws for improvement conditions for migrants.

The UAE government will conduct radical changes in the migration policy. Foreign employees of enterprises in the UAE will be able to receive a visa for up to 10 years. This step is aimed at attracting high-level specialists for work.

The right to receive long-term visas will be available to doctors, engineers and their families. Specialists working in the fields of medicine, science, research, technical fields will also receive such a privilege.

Registration for a five-year visa will also be available to students, the best students will be able to stay in the country for 10 years. Currently, students must apply for a visa extension each year.

Another important change concerns the fact that foreign investors will be able to own 100 percent of the company registered in the UAE.

Currently, in each company one of the owners must be an UAE citizen, whose share can not be less than 51%. Companies whose owners are 100% foreigners can only be registered in the free economic zone.

The UAE has plans to continue being the place for talents and a place attracting investors from all over the world.

According to government of the UAE, “open environment, tolerance, infrastructure and flexible legislation is the best strategy for attracting foreign investments and high-class specialists in the UAE.”

Changes will be implemented until the end of 2018.

More flexible conditions for expats of retirement age were also discussed by the government. As a rule, expats invest their money in real estate or assets abroad, meanwhile, they could spend all this money in the UAE if they had the opportunity to stay in the country for a long time. Labor resources located in the UAE on a permanent basis, and not on a short-term basis, could also bring economic benefits to the country.