The cooperation of UAE and Kazakhstan. New ways of Happiness.


The UAE is keen on promoting happiness.

The government of the UAE has many aims and does much for making life of its people easy and happy, providing people with services of high quality, launching innovations in different spheres of life, etc. The theme of Happiness is among the most important at the politics of the country. Happiness and positivity are a lifestyle and government’s commitment of the UAE.

The United Arab Emirates and Kazakhstan joined the Global Coalition of Happiness, which was announced at the summit in Dubai.

The Global Coalition of Happiness, which included six countries – the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kazakhstan, Costa Rica, Mexico, Portugal and Slovenia was created at the 6th World Government Summit in Dubai.

More than 4 thousand delegates from 140 countries took part in the prestigious event.

The new coalition gives a great opportunity for its members to share ideas and experiences, and learn more from the experience of the government’s activities of the UAE making happiness as its goal.

In the UAE, where the authorities have achieved a very high living standard of the population and consistently introduce modern technologies into various spheres of life and economy, the term “happiness” has become one of the most important criteria and objectives of the work of state bodies at various levels.

Authorities of the UAE have prepared a series of ambitious projects. Among them – the gradual introduction of artificial intelligence into the economy and services, the launch of unmanned types of public transport, the development of scientific programs for the exploration of outer space and preparations for the creation in 2117 of the first human settlement on Mars. The implementation of these plans, as convinced in the government, will make UAE citizens more happy and proud for the country’s successes.

The UAE and Kazakhstan are developing the spheres of their cooperation. These countries intend to sign an investment agreements for US $ 20 billion.

In April 2018 the forum Annual Investment Meeting will be held in Dubai where Kazakhstan will take part.

The representatives of Kazakhstan have plans of presentation of investment opportunities of Kazakhstan using a chance at several meetings with Emirates companies interested in investing in Kazakhstan.
In turn, on February 7 in Kazakh Invest, investment proposals were submitted for 50 key projects for a total of about US $ 20 billion for further study by UAE businessmen.

At the meeting, the sides also discussed the possibilities of implementing joint projects in the field of logistics, tourist cluster, agro-industrial complex and others.

The UAE and Kazakhstan have mutual interest in cooperation.

It has become known that the United Arab Emirates approved a visa-free regime for citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Visa-free regime will work from March 10, 2018.

Kazakhstan and the UAE completed the internal procedures in accordance with the agreement between the two states on the abolition of visa requirements for citizens of both countries, holders of general civil passports for up to 30 days.