20 amazing things about the UAE


    The United Arab Emirates is an oasis that arose in the middle of the desert, associated with the words “luxury” and “wealth.”

    Here, above the sands, the highest hotels of the world are seen, and artificial islands are created in the ocean. This amazing country is a dream of any tourist. We offer interesting facts about the Emirates, demonstrating the uniqueness of the UAE.

    1. Only 40 years ago there was nothing in the place of the UAE, except the endless desert.

    2. This is one of the richest countries in the world. At 5 million people here 59 thousand are dollar millionaires.

    3. The UAE has very good social support. For the birth of a boy, the state allocates $ 50,000 to the family, at the wedding $ 19,000 and a villa are given, and the salary of a civil servant is $ 10,000, but only for the local.

    4. There are many prohibitions in this Muslim country. You can not use and transport alcohol, photograph public buildings and even some of the sights, as well as women, you can not throw garbage on the streets and hitchhike.

    5. Freedom of speech is also restricted here, but not by the yellow press, since it is not possible to talk about the personal life of the sheikhs in the media, and generally about the lives of the rich.

    6. Here the death penalty is applied – from cutting off the head to throwing stones. For drugs in the UAE at least 10 years of prison are given, but a drug addict ready to be treated will be paid for the clinic. Perhaps, because of this rigidity, there are almost no crimes, not even pickpockets and car thefts – they are left open.

    7. There are air-conditioners at bus stops in the UAE.

    8. There is no winter in the European sense. The temperature in January and December is + 27+29, at night +17+19, and in summer in general about +48+50 degrees. The climate is very hot and humid.

    9. For the violation of traffic there is a fine of $ 800.

    10. The UAE has problems with water and electricity. Water here is forced to desalinate, and utilities are very expensive.

    11. Instead of racing, camel rides are arranged here, and robots control camels. Also jeep safaris in the desert are popular.

    12. A lot of gold is bought here constantly. During the year, each resident acquires a minimum of 38 grams. And making proposal of marriage a man is obliged to give the bride 5 kilos of gold.

    13. People in the streets are dressed very contrastingly. Next to women in a burqa, openly dressed ladies can be met. Usually they are tourists.

    14. Women and men travel separately in transport. They have different subway cars, sections in buses and even taxis.

    15. Shopping can be done in shops or in the bazaar. In the market it is necessary to bargain, it will help to significantly reduce the price.

    16. During Ramadan – a great Muslim holiday – you can not drink and eat in the streets.

    17. There is no driver in the UAE metro, it is automatically controlled. Pay all the transport can be a single card. To do this, the transport is equipped with special sensors that read information and make calculation by kilometer.

    18. In the hot Arab Emirates there is a ski resort SkiDubai in the Arabian desert. Here everything is created for skiers – slides, snow parks. And in 2011, the UAE became the first Arab country to join the International Ice Hockey Federation.

    19. One of the most luxurious hotels in the UAE Emirates Palas for the new year installed a tree worth $ 11.4 million with a height of 13 meters. And instead of toys, it was decorated with real jewels. Hotels in the UAE in general are able to surprise. So, the cake cooked by chefs from 28 large hotels to the Independence Day of the country, got into the Guinness Book of Records because of its size – length of 2530.8 meters.

    20. The UAE has the highest skyscraper in the world – Burj Khalifa (828 meters).