5 stunning facts and reasons to visit UAE


    The UAE is one of the most visited places in the world. Millions of tourists come here all year round for relaxing on clean sandy beaches and bathing in the warm waters of the Persian Gulf.

    The UAE offers the impeccability of the hotel service, affordable prices for tours and a variety of entertainment options – from shopping in Dubai’s huge shopping centers and diving at Fujairah to skiing on exclusive Ferrari models in Abu Dhabi and flying balloons and planes over the country.
    Unprecedented luxury

    A trip to the UAE is a journey into a country of fantasies that have come true. It seems that for citizens of the emirates, nothing is impossible: gardens blossom in the desert, islands grow in the sea. Magnificent airports, tall buildings with lush interior trim, expensive cars on the roads, a seven-star hotesl, a zoo and even a ski resort right in the middle of the desert, the glitter of gold … It is worth going to the UAE at least to see how the fairy tale becomes a reality.

    Skyscrapers in the desert and man-made islands

    As soon as oil was found in the country, the deserted backwater turned into a luxurious super-modern country. In Dubai, there is a Burj Khalifa skyscraper, the tallest building from which a crazy view opens up. Before you go up to the observation deck, admire the world’s largest dancing fountain – a fantasy of light, sound and water. The famous man-made islands of Palm Jumeirah and Palma Jebel Ali are perfectly visible from the helicopter and even from outer space.

    Aquarium and underwater zoo in Dubai

    The aquarium is located in the shopping center of Dubai Moll and impresses with its size. Sharks swim at arm’s length from visitors! Here 33 thousand representatives of the underwater fauna live. You can even meet pinguins in the Dubai indoor zoo, standing on the sands of the desert! Could you ever imagine that?
    By the way, the premises are perfectly air-conditioned, and the animals are carefully looked after.

    Incredible entertainment palette

    The most fantastic thing you can do in a country where almost all of the territory is desert is skiing. The man-made ski complex Ski Dubai in a couple of minutes will take you from under the scorching sun to the light frost of the Alps. For those who like to swim, we recommend going to water parks. In the desert, you can do sandboarding – ride a board on the barkhans or go to a jeep safari. You can also jump with a parachute, see camel races, hunt crabs under the cover of night, swim with sharks, play golf, fly in a balloon or helicopter!

    Shopping dreams

    In Dubai, there is a shopping center, where you can find absolutely everything: from pins to exclusive models of “Ferrari”. In addition to boutiques with clothes, shoes, cosmetics and perfumes, equipment, sweets, jewelry, there is also a huge aquarium, an Olympic skating rink, an indoor traditional market, an entertainment center for children, a dinosaur skeleton and a life-size model, a three-story waterfall, absolutely breathtaking view of the highest skyscraper in the world. Well, if you did not get into the “Dubai Moll” – do not be discouraged. There are many shopping centers in Dubai, hotels offer a free shuttle service to many of them.