The UAE project “Human Genome”


    The Health Authority of Dubai (DHA) declared the plans to implement a project called the “human genome” with the aim of raising the level of qualification of medical workers and providing an opportunity to predict the future state of human health.

    The aim of the project is to improve the human body’s research technology to detect changes in the structure of the gene, chromosomes and proteins that can lead to the development of genetic diseases. This step will allow doctors to fight chronic diseases and cancer, as well as reduce the cost of their treatment and slow the aging process.

    Creation of the genomic laboratory in Dubai represents a new stage, realizing forecasts for the future in the field of health and the provision of medical services. With the help of the laboratory, the scientists will be able to collect the first national genetic basis for future research, which will serve as a guide for new health strategies and plans. In turn, such a measure will become the basis for Dubai’s competitiveness on the world stage.

    The government project of the UAE “Human Genome” will allow to conduct DNA analysis and to identify genetic features of patients and their predisposition to certain diseases.

    At the moment, the government is working on creating a database of the human genome and a dictionary-reference book that takes into account all the genetic diseases that have been identified at the moment.

    At the same time, scientists hope to discover rare genetic sequences that are associated with diseases and reactions to one or another type of treatment. Thus, this is another important step towards the personalized medicine of the future.

    The world is entering a new era where genetic medicine will play an important role, and DNA analysis and genome sequencing will become one of the most important tools for medical care.

    Already now, thanks to the research of Emirates’ specialists in the field of molecular genetics, scientists have managed to find methods of accurate diagnosis of diseases. Early diagnosis of the disease and treatment will increase the chances of recovery of people with cancer, experts say.

    DHA representatives say that they will put all their resources and opportunities for this ambitious project to implement a number of subsidiary organizations.

    The authorities also set up an expert committee on genetics to study possible problems in the course of the project and to find solutions to overcome them. Specialists of this committee will study authoritative international research and experiments. The information received will be used to ensure the project to be completed on time.