Try a flight simulator as a pilot of Boeing 737 in Dubai!


    The UAE is a country of wonders. It is always ready to surprise you not only with its natural resources but also with innovations which appear in the country every day. The UAE is famous for its achievements in the field of using the last technologies in many spheres and it is open to accepting everything new and innovative.

    A Russian company Dream Aero launched the BOEING 737NG Full Flight Simulator in Dubai. The official opening took place in the Dubai Festival City Mall.

    The aircraft simulator of the world’s most popular liner Boeing 737 accurately reproduces the nuances of controlling the aircraft in real flight conditions and is similar to flight simulators used for the professional training of pilots.

    The Dream Aero air-exercise apparatus is installed on a dynamic platform. When setting speed and take-off, uneven concrete runway is felt. During the flight, the platform accurately fulfills the consequences of the actions and flight conditions (rolls, turbulence, etc.). Mobility is provided by a powerful hydraulic system controlled by a computer. Thanks to the mobility of the cabin, the visualization system and the “voice-over”, a full sensation of a real flight on a Boeing 737 aircraft is created.

    Guests, getting into the exact copy of the cabin of the Boeing 737NG, may feel like the commander of a large passenger airliner. Aircraft simulators can be used for active family rest and organization of corporate events. With their help, it is possible to effectively overcome such a fairly common phenomenon as aerophobia.

    The company Dream Aero was founded in 2012 in St. Petersburg. It employs an international team of professionals from Russia, the United Arab Emirates, the United States and China. Several air trainers have already been opened in the cities of Russia. In the near future they are expanding to the markets of the USA, China and Malaysia.